Wednesday, August 17, 2016

It's Hump Day.... I feel like I just wrote my Hump Day post!

I must tell you....time is flying by!  It feels like I just talked about "Hump Daaaaaaay!" Every time I hear that, in my head, I see the camels talking and it just tickles me as if I am seeing it all for the first time!

Well....Happy Wednesday.  I was told the other day that the true middle of the week is Thursday, but I said that Hump Day only refers to the working week and that is Monday - Friday, with Wednesday being the middle, the hump you must get over to get to Friday! (now I am singing Friday Night in my head!)  I think I am in true need of therapy!!

For today's therapy session I colored the "Thinking" Stampingbella.  She is the prettiest I have ever seen...well what do you think?

I made her yesterday and I am not sure if I like the background.  After masking this beauty as I wanted a halo around her to make her stand out even more, I used distress inks on the background, Barn Door, Mustard Seed, Pumice Stone, and Salty Ocean.  I used Copics on the rest of her.  E31, E33 and E34 is her skin color; B12, B24 and B37 is her shirt; Her hair is Y21, E09 and R39;  Her lips are she needed some pretty red lips.

I know I will do her again soon as I am not as pleased with her as I would like to be.  But this is my art journey and I am putting the good, bad and ugly up for sharing.

I spent some time coloring last night and I am just about finished with it.  I promise to post it before the week is through.  I am still trying to color a bit each day.  It is very therapeutic.  

This morning I actually asked my husband if it felt like Thursday to him as we were getting dressed.  He quickly responded that it actually felt like Tuesday!  Hooray, I thought I missed my post to you.  I panicked just a little bit.  I don't want to stop the momentum.

Well,  I am going to sign off until Friday!

Be Blessed!

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