Monday, June 27, 2016

Challenge for #GerdaDesigns this chick is super cute...

So you all know that I follow #SandyAllnock and I plan to catch up on my homework this week... promise.  (my toes are crossed!) Sandy did a project last week where she used color burst to paint a fox.  Color burst is a watercolor powder by Ken Oliver that once it comes into contact with water it burst into color.  Well, Sandy was controlling it in the lines of her fox, I was mesmerized that she could do that.  So... I am going to try this on #GerdasDesigns chick, the novice with all things color burst...since I have only used it twice (this being my second time.)

Here is one using the color burst.  I was doing well until I did his beak, tail feathers and feet.  I couldn't stop the bleeding.  Looking at here, I think it kinda worked better than I thought.  For me, I am stepping outside my comfort zone by not only using mediums I have never used, but posting my mistakes here.  I am glad that I tried color burst because it is really fun to play with. Just so you know, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and am having a really good time.  I know that  I am going to practice a bit more with color burst, because I would really like to see this work.  The colors are amazing!

So check out this little chick with his very vibrant color with color burst.  I painted the cup with color burst as well,  but I did this part by adding the powder to my craft mat and using a wet brush to pick up color and add it to the cup, much easier to control.

Now, here is the one I did with copics.  Loved, loved love how it turned out.  I have not been doing my #copicjumpstart sessions  and I love my coloring thus far...  I can't wait until I keep practicing, I will not know what to do with myself...LOL!!

Let me know what you think about the two different mediums.  Have you ever tried color burst? Copics? I would love to know what you think about how they work for you.

Until my next therapy session....

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Hairy Situation with Copics...

I am loving copics and learning how to use them is even more fun!  Check out my first try at coloring hair.  I used Hairy Situation by *Krista Smith, Saturated Canary LLC*.  You can see all of her wonderful digi images at

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Creative Chemistry 101 with Tim Hotlz Day One and Day Two

I am taking Creative Chemistry with #TimHoltz with  I am learning quite a bit in short amount of time.  I will be posting my progress as I go along.  To make this even more fun, a friend and I are meeting in the Journey and trying to do the classes together.  This is going to be a fun summer.  Join us if you like by registering at Online Card Classes, and if you are in the Miami area and want to join the two of us, purchase the classes and let me know by posting your email address here and I will give you the details on where we are meeting.  Hope you join along wherever you live because not only is this a fun class, but it is very educational.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Homework for #CopicsJumpStart Class...

I am taking a class from Sandy Allnock #CopicsJumpStartClass.  I had all intentions that this would pull me from work on time and get me on a daily therapy session with my copics.  I am 48 markers away from a complete set of Copic Sketch Markers! So excited!  Which is another reason I took this class...must learn how to properly care for and use my markers,  right?   Well, this past week was productive in all areas but HOMEWORK!!!  I must do better...this is all that I have gotten completed as I have not sat down and just caught up.

After completing these assignments, I must say YR16, Y17, Y11 are my new go to colors for blending.  The assignment was to try out blending options with our copics.  A sheet is provided from class for us to practice on and I discovered my new fav above.  I hope you try this combo out on your projects.  I actually did a birthday card/art piece for someone's birthday this weekend.  You ask "are there pictures?"  Well, of course not...I am still not great at taking pictures of my art once completed.  I am hoping that this is my last learning experience...LOL!!!!

So... I must get the rest of my homework done...stand by for updates..oh and wish me luck!  LOL.

Make your day an amazing one!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Gerda Designs Monthly Challenge

I have decided to start doing challenges to jump start my creativity. I am so in love with Gerda.  The designs are refreshing and fun.  I have this month's challenge ready to go...tell me what you think?  I used copics to color these fun loving pigs and I used distress inks on the background of the card.  I also used Stamping Up stamp set Christmas Messages, because the words "Oh What Fun?" was all I could think when I saw this cute pig in the floaty!

Let me know what you think by leaving me some comments....and if you think I am funny enough, follow me as I enjoy my world through therapy!  Thanks for hopping by!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Today's Art...

Hope your day was amazing!!!!!

I had a very productive day.  As you should know by now I absolutely adore Sandy Allnock and I am a patreon supporter of hers.  This is Sandy Allnock's patreon page where you can support her as an artist, there may also be other artists you may want to support, so check it out.  It is an amazing concept.  I hope it is still around when I get to that point...(boy I am a positive thinker, aren't I?)

I wanted to do one of her challenges... here is my submission

I am off to do some homework...wish me luck!  LOL

Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Projects Completed....

We all have weekend projects... I have quite a few on my plate.  I am taking two classes Sandy Allnock's #CopicJumpStart class and Tim Holtz's #CreativeChemisty 101, 102 and 103.  A friend and I will be doing this together so we can have a #SummerofCreatvieChemistry together.  We are also taking the copics class together, but she started after me and has now passed me on homework!!!  I have posted some of the art that I created.  I used this weekend to get everything ordered that I didn't have in my stash for my classes...which wasn't much!!!

In regards to weekend projects, as the title suggests, not only did I finish the invitations, I also finished a #JulieNutting paper doll that I use as birthday cards which allows me to give friends a piece of art made by ME.  I am still very new at this blogging so I did not take a picture.  I will ask the recipient if she would send me a picture and then I will posit it here...promise.

So you can see, my weekend was filled with houseguests, invitations, paper dolls and homework for two different classes.  I have been having the best summer already and officially it hasn't even started yet!!  I know this is going to be an awesome summer.  Here are the finished invitations completed and delivered.

...I then here is my homework for #SandyAllnock #CopicsJumpStart coloring class.  I am 6 lessons behind and I want to catch up, so I put my nose to the grindstone and completed two lessons.  One lesson was practice making different blending compbinations to see what you can create and I fell heard over heels with a new combination.. it is my new fav combination

 I liked it so much I used it in my next homework from class.  I love how the colors blend.  They  blend really well.
I need to set up my "today's art post."

Make today an art filled day!!!  Create something and share it!!!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Art of the Day....

I know.... I just started and I am already a day late.

Here is art for yesterday and later today I will post art for today.  These are tea bag holders for a baby shower.  They came out really cute.  The baby boy has been delivered healthy and happy.  Stay tuned for today's art later today.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day One of posting my art for the day...

Each day I will post art that I am working on....well it may not be posted every day, but I will have air for each day when I post.  I am positing for June 1-7.  Isn't that special that I am posting for 7 days.  Lets hope I do better on my next post

Well here goes...
This beautiful OWL is from Jessica Lynn,

These watercolors are from Sandy Allnock #PaintAlongSeries.  It was a blast to learn how to watercolor.  These were my first.
This is a hero arts jiggling fairy

This my tag for  Tim Holtz #CreativeChemistry Class 101 Day 2 - Project 1
This my tag for  Tim Holtz #CreativeChemistry Class 101 Day 2  - Project 2
This my tag for  Tim Holtz #CreativeChemistry Class 101 Day 2 - Project 3
This my tag for  Tim Holtz #CreativeChemistry Class 101 Day 3
This my tag for  Tim Holtz #CreativeChemistry Class 101 Day 3
This is a technique that I did wrong not wanting to ink my embossing folder.
This my tag for  Tim Holtz #CreativeChemistry Class 101 Day 3
This is the same technique inking my embossing folder and seeing it came out decidingly better.  So I learned...get over yourself and play!!! :)

I now need to get Day 8 done....I think I am going to pull form my stash because I have a lot of work created this year that I can put on the blog. So every day should not be an issue.  

Are you ready for my journey?

Well... Its about time!!!

Well...Its about time I start to post on a regular basis.  I have had this blog since... well I won't tell you how long but let's just say 2013, 2014 and 2015 really got away from me.  I mean I sat up and blinked and it was May 23, 2016!  I feel as if my body is now back inline with my head.  That being said, I have been creating, just not writing about it.

I have already mentioned my new work space, but it has it's journey just like the the rest of us.  In April 2014 I decided to build a she-shed on my property to house my office, Old Goat Travel, LLC and my creative space or what we all call...The Journey.  It is aptly named because I own a travel agency that I work out of every day and I also am an artist and paper crafter.  Yet lately, I have been doing a lot of watercoloring and coloring with copics, but I digress.  This is about my she-shed or the Journey which really is well named as I go on a journey each and every day here either through booking someone's travel, delving into my art journal or creating a card.  Oh did you ask.... are their pictures?  Well, of course there are.