Monday, June 13, 2016

Weekend Projects Completed....

We all have weekend projects... I have quite a few on my plate.  I am taking two classes Sandy Allnock's #CopicJumpStart class and Tim Holtz's #CreativeChemisty 101, 102 and 103.  A friend and I will be doing this together so we can have a #SummerofCreatvieChemistry together.  We are also taking the copics class together, but she started after me and has now passed me on homework!!!  I have posted some of the art that I created.  I used this weekend to get everything ordered that I didn't have in my stash for my classes...which wasn't much!!!

In regards to weekend projects, as the title suggests, not only did I finish the invitations, I also finished a #JulieNutting paper doll that I use as birthday cards which allows me to give friends a piece of art made by ME.  I am still very new at this blogging so I did not take a picture.  I will ask the recipient if she would send me a picture and then I will posit it here...promise.

So you can see, my weekend was filled with houseguests, invitations, paper dolls and homework for two different classes.  I have been having the best summer already and officially it hasn't even started yet!!  I know this is going to be an awesome summer.  Here are the finished invitations completed and delivered.

...I then here is my homework for #SandyAllnock #CopicsJumpStart coloring class.  I am 6 lessons behind and I want to catch up, so I put my nose to the grindstone and completed two lessons.  One lesson was practice making different blending compbinations to see what you can create and I fell heard over heels with a new combination.. it is my new fav combination

 I liked it so much I used it in my next homework from class.  I love how the colors blend.  They  blend really well.
I need to set up my "today's art post."

Make today an art filled day!!!  Create something and share it!!!

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