Monday, November 13, 2017

Day of World Kindness

Good evening,

I spent the morning cleaning up and updating inventory... I then got to play with my new Cricut Maker.  Well, is fast!  I love that.  Second, I am going to make a quilt, probably not this year, but I am definitely making a quilt.

The afternoon went by so fast, that I almost missed World Kindness Day.  Wow!!! How would that look, I am living Love and Kindness this year, and I miss World Kindness Day?  Well, here is the card that I put together for today.  

I am wishing all of you Love and Kindness in your lives.  I am seeing joy bubbling up from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, and it bubbles over so much that all you have left is Love and Kindness to share.  

Each one love one...let's make this a better world.  I promise to update sooner with some updated projects.  I found some new challenges to add.  So I must get back on schedule.

The good news... I am back...just like Lucious Lions from Empire! 😜

Until next time.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Is it Tuesday already?

The weekend just ended...or at least I thought it did.  Its already on the end side of the day on Tuesday!  Where does the time go?  It seems to go faster and faster these days.

Well, I finished the pillows/cushions for my Mom and delivered part on Thursday and the rest putting in the mail today.  I made one house from my Christmas Village, but have not decorated it yet.

I think they are going to be really cute.  My new train set came in today, I am going to put it together to make sure I like it.  This Christmas village has me very excited.  My BFF asked where I was on my Christmas cards and I looked at her like a deer caught in headlights!!!  I haven't even started yet.   I need to focus!!!  I think I will finish my studio, do my base of houses and decide on a design for my Christmas cards this week.  I have Wednesday and Thursday to get these three things done....pray for me!😜

Here are some of my recent coloring's to share:

#AIStamps Art Impressions with some copic coloring.
#AIStamps Art Impressions with copic coloring and white gel pen writing

#MOSDigitial - Mo's Digital with copic coloring.  I am so in love with her!

Until next time, hopefully when I have more finished!  (fingers crossed)


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Trying to Create in do you do it?

Well... I am asking, how do you do it?

I am in chaos.... by chaos I mean...I am surrounded by the end of Irma disruption with the last two boxes to unpack and three bags of samples to put back in the viewing cabinet (that I know have been damaged with the back and forth), sizzix dies (for the Christmas village...attempting for the first time), cushions (sewing cushions for my Mom's bench seating (also first time) and attempting a little coloring therapy.

Coloring has always centered me and when I add meditation to the mix I can conquer the world!!!  I started Affirmation Tuesday as a way to share this amazing clarity with spirit that you get when going into mediation from a creative source.  It produces pure GRATITUDE, it really does.

I say all of this only to share the end product.  I have two different hair styles.  I posted my favorite on Instagram.  This is another cutie from Nay's World.; copic coloring, embossing pen and embossing powder.