Monday, August 22, 2016

Hooray It's Monday...

I am so pleased it's Monday.  It is the beginning of the week of possibilities.  I will possibly get all of my to do list done...hahahahahah.  I will possibly get all of my art projects done...hahahahahaha.

Seriously, I do believe in possibilities and I truly love Mondays because of what's possible to get accomplished. Gigi and I got back to our Creative Chemistry class and I have projects to share with you.  I am so excited.  

You know, Tim Holtz is amazing and his products not only make sense they are super fun.  Learning how to use all of his mediums is quite fun and educational.  I have my BFF visiting and she is one of those people who can look at something and make it.  Well, we offered for her to join us on our lessons, she declined stating "I can see it, so I can make it."  By the end of class, she was no longer working on her projects, she was fully engaged in what we were doing.  As I said, amazing, his products do the obvious, but they also do the unexpected.  I can show you my end results, but you must take the class to learn the techniques.  Here are my projects for today.

I think this is my new favorite tag... The technique is called "Tarnished Silver."  I took a piece of white card stock and die cut out the bird and the bird cage, and look at what was very cool!!!

This technique is called "Faded Layers."  The background is not quite correct, you can see the faded alphabet barely...I didn't to the solution long enough.  Although you can see that something is faded behind that beautiful girl, you can't quite make out what it is.  Once we have the entire class completed, I will be doing the techniques in other projects and I cannot wait for that part!

Have an amazing Monday, and see you at the next therapy session.

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