Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!

My weekend was awesome!  I laid around watching television with my DH and my BFF.  It was a  weekend of relaxation, crafts and laughter.  I received a special blessing on Friday.  One of my fairy Godmothers gifted me pillows for my studio chairs.  They are so beautiful, and the packaging was amazing.

I have added her beautiful "touch of special" to my chair so that I have some of her love energy on my creative chair as well. 

To end a perfect Friday I went to my monthly ATC gathering on Friday and here is what we exchanged with everyone.

Susan Boyd, an amazing teacher and a very talented artist and crafter always teaches a technique and this time she used a gel medium, stencil and distress inks to create this:

This is Susan's ATC that she exchanged with everyone:

On another great note, my BFF had never participated in ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) and did an amazing card using the frog ballerina.  This is Lisa's tag

She had so much fun, she added MeetUp to her phone so that she can find a group when she gets home.

For my tag I was thinking of my DH, putting up with all of my visitors, and being amazing!!!  I  did this tag for my exchange thinking of him.

Once I created about 4 of these, I noticed my shading was wrong on her raincoat so I fixed it here.

It is so funny, a few months ago I would never have even thought about light source and shading, I think that Sandy Allnock is definitely getting into my brain.

Well, I am off to create! Until our next session!

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