Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Hump Day!!!!

Hump Day!!!!!

Gigi and I are at the end of Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry 102.  We are getting ready to start Creative Chemistry 103 and have ordered everything we need to get started.  I have committed to  posting four times a week.  I would rather be creating during this time, but I have committed to sharing my art journey so this is my commitment.

I am trying to get on schedule which you know by now is very difficult for me as my brain will always pay direct, focused attention to what's in front of me at the moment, and right now my BFF, Lisa Wallace, is visiting me and we spend every waking moment in the studio.  We are supposed to be in the pool today, but I have to keep my schedule and post, post post!  I have started on my challenge schedule this week, starting with MojoMonday and StampingbellaMonday, I would love to get Gerda done this week as well, wish me you should already know... I need some prayer thrown in there too!  LOL

Keeping in theme with Affirmation Tuesday this week, New Habits...

I want to commit to my challenge's as well as I did to my blog.  I am so visual, I think I am going to build a challenge board and put the schedule up so that I can see it, just like I keep my monthly schedule on a white board to keep me on task!   I will build a challenge board the same way!   I can then print out each challenge and put them on the board until I complete the challenge.   I did a completion affirmation last week because I am coloring in 5 different coloring books and had started  quite of few pages without completion.  I focused on completion  last week and now have completed my unfinished coloring pages.

Why oh why can't I apply that to the rest of my life!!!!  OK... I am asking that you hold me to task.  I must complete at least three challenges this week.  I must post to Instagram at least once a day and I must have time to spend at the pool with Lisa before she leaves.

I have my marching orders and will close with the last tags for Creative Chemistry 102.  Have an amazing Hump Daaaaaaaaaay!

 This technique is called "faux patina"  We started with silver pieces and added alcohol inks to make these amazing pieces!
 This technique is called "Ombre".
 I have added a close up to that you can see the difference in color closely.

Love and Blessings,

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