Monday, September 19, 2016

Make it Monday.... I can't wait to show what I made!!!!

I love Mondays so much.  It is the beginning of an amazing creative week.  I get to play with an entire new set of ideas for this brand new week and create in my art journal.  Mondays are wonderful!

One day I will get the nerve to show you my current art journal so that you can see my thought process and all things I do to get to one technique.  I make a complete FUN mess... I LOVE creating so much. My original art journal has my intimate thoughts written on the pages, because it is also my writing journal.  So I started another art journal to just use for art and art alone so that I can post here, well, my very first page is a bunch of crap (LOL) truly!  This one hideous page that I continue to add stuff to which is only making it worse instead of better is at a point where I really just want to ripe it out and start fresh, but I can't.  I am true to my art journey and keep the hideous with the glorious.  So I am going to pull myself away from trying to fix this mess and I am going to start on page two this week and maybe I will have something to show you.... I sure do hope so! :) Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

On to the art portion of this show....

The first tag is the Distress Paint Lifting technique.  This technique is done with distress paint, stencil, and a baby wipe to lift the paint away.

The second tag for today, has a technique called Distress Stain Rub Resist.  You will need Tim Holtz Remnant Rubs, Distress Spray Stain that is blended with water and a heat tool. When beginning this, I thought, "I am not sure about this one"...well its one of my favs!

Hope your Monday is a creative one!

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