Friday, September 2, 2016

It's Friday!!!!

It's Friday and I am happy and sad at the same time!  My BFF leaves today so I am sad and one of my wonderful prayer partners is celebrating her 50th today so I am happy!  Having mixed emotions is heavy for me.  I have had an amazing visit with my BFF and will celebrate the "brate" out of Seereah's 50th birthday celebration.

As for the ART portion of this show here are my first two tags completed in Tim Holtz's Creative Chemistry 103.  Gigi and I are feeling like we know what we are doing now.  We are more confident with the mediums.  The process goes much smoother and we feel like we can take "artist liberties" with stepping outside of the box and trying new things this time.  We are more comfortable with the techniques and I think we are going to have the most fun with this class.  

Here are my two tags for today, stay tuned for more!

 This is the Distress Highlight Stamping technique.
This is the Distress Washed Watercolor technique.

See you at the next therapy session!

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