Monday, September 12, 2016

Happy Monday!!

Well it's Monday and it is also September 12th!!.  I have sent out 3 cards for the month of September.   I have no idea how I got from September 3rd to September 12th.  I think the days were skipped in between.  The month cannot be at the half way point is just not possible.

This week I take control...I notice that I say that quite a bit as I just get distracted so easily.  Every morning when I walk into my studio there is something for me to learn, try, color, paint, etc...I have had so much fun creating and I have a box of cards done and ready to go!  So I have no excuse in mailing out my card of day for the month of September. challenge...I am sending out 15 cards this week, starting today.  Three a day is the plan, I have my three done and in folders to mail today.   My puppies, Jack and Jill will take a ride to the post office with me to mail them.

Here are my three for today,

You know one day I will be organized and stay on task. hahahahaha....I just love saying that.  On a side note, I post daily on Instagram.  You can follow me on Instagram to see my daily creations @StampingTherapy.

I am in the process of organizing all of my created techniques to post on my blog and Instagram, which is the main reason I seem to be behind in posting and writing is that my art is not organized so that I can post it.  I know that I have shown some of my work, but I have not shown you all of it yet.  This week my project is to finish cataloging my techniques and once done, I will be able to show you my learned techniques from Tim Holtz's class with, Creative Chemistry (CC) 101, 102, and 103.  Gigi and I are now doing CC 103, but I have tons of stuff from CC101 and CC102 that I have not shown.

So, have an amazing Monday and don't forget to check out my Affirmation Tuesday Post tomorrow.


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