Wednesday, January 4, 2017

This Year's Intention

Happy Tuesday!!!

Each Tuesday I will provide a free coloring page and an affirmation that you can use to focus on while you are coloring. I have found that coloring lowers my heart rate and puts me in a state of quiet. Doing this, I am more receptive to Spirit so I use this time to say my affirmations over and over until they become a part of my consciousness.

The holiday season is winding down and we are getting back to our routines.  I have learned over the years that I find comfort in my routine.  I am not a resolution type of girl, but I always clear what needs to eliminated from my life and I set my years intentions, like Health, huge for me this year!  I have set my year’s intentions with my MasterMind Group and am ready, and really  excited to see me and my life transform through affirmations and positive prayer.   The affirmation below will help with your goals and set intentions.  Also hold something that will change our world.  My Husband and I are making sure everything we say or do comes from a place of love and kindness.  I also hold world peace.

God be with you.

Here is your daily word, use this in your affirmative prayer and you can use this affirmation all year.


When you walk, your step will not be hampered; and if you run, you will not stumble.—Proverbs 4:12

Divine nature allows us to fulfill our goals and intentions.

Typically the new year is a time to consider the goals we will attempt throughout the next 12 months. So we ask ourselves, What are my intentions? What do I hope to accomplish? Do I have time and energy to see these into fruition?

Whichever goals we decide upon, we can pursue them systematically. Any journey begins with a plan or a map, so we should consider the steps we need to take to move forward purposefully. If a roadblock should appear, we can regroup and refocus, then navigate around it or adjust our course as necessary.

The more we understand God’s presence in the goals-fulfillment process and how our divine nature allows us to be our best, the stronger our resolve and success rate will be.

Below is your free coloring page you can print and size it to your liking.

As Always…Wishing you love, peace, abundant blessings and answered prayers..

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