Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Daily Marker 30 Day Challenge

Whoowee...I have so many exciting things happening right now!  I am committed to coloring every day for 30 days!!!   I found the #thedailymarker30day Coloring Challenge, and I am committing to some weekly/monthly card/color challenges to keep my sanity and also be able to have some coloring projects each day.  I think this is going to be quite fun.  Here is my coloring for day one... July 5th.  I stamped the #GerdaDesigns Stamp Howl Are you,  with the sentiment from #AveryElle Cupcakes.  I used Copic Markers to color the pooch and put some needed color behind the words.

Last week my Husband and I took some time off for rest and relaxation, actually my Husband took classes, I rested and relaxed...LOL.  I also took the time to catch up on my #copicjumpstart classes and have completed all of my charts and coloring homework.  I am pretty caught up and feeling good where I am.

Where I am trailing is my summer of #CreativeChemistry with Tim Holtz, which I am doing with my girlfriend... and boy are we behind!!!  Tim Holtz started on #CreativeChemistry 102 and we are still on Day 6 of #CreativeChemistry 101.  We are committed to catching up because August 1st starts the next chapter  - live with Tim Holtz and we want to be ready.  Wish us luck!  You probably have to cross every part of your body while wishing us luck to make this heroic endeavor happen.

Here is also one of the tags that I made in the #onlinecardclasses #CreativeChemistry project.  This project was stamped with a #JulieNutting's Doll - Betty and colored using Distress Reinkers.  #TimHoltz is making new techniques so much fun!!  My girlfriend that I am taking the class with has been timholtztasized (yes this is a word and a technical one at that!)  Her fingers were dirty when we finished our day today, which is what I really should have taken a picture of.  Check out my coloring project for day two, July 6th, isn't she ready for the beach!

My girlfriend and I are so committed...and maybe a bit insane, but we are finishing #CreativeChemistry 101 and completing day one and day two of #CreativeChemistry 102 on Friday!! Yes Friday!!!  This Friday!!  We are going to create all day.  We created all afternoon yesterday and here are a few tags completed.

 This is my favorite....the colors came out amazing!
 This one... I am made my own ink stamp on cut out felt.  It was actually quite fun.
 This was my favorite until the stamping went crazy at the end.  My girlfriend liked it so much I posted it.
This was a really cool technique.  I used dark colors so you can't see my stamping, (aren't I amazing...LOL) but I loved the technique so I posted this as well.

Please note that we spent all afternoon and finished 4 tags.... we have 26 tags to do on Friday (laughing out loud with my head thrown back) and we can DO IT!!!! LOL

I will let you know how Friday turns out...stay tuned!

Until I blog again,

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