Sunday, July 31, 2016

Happy Sunday!!!

Happy Sunday... my fellow crafters and artists!  I have not only been creating and keeping up with #thedailymarker30day coloring challenge...which is so much fun and gives you some stress releasing fun each day.  You should join her challenge, because it is all for YOU... and no matter when you consider joining it will be the right time for you because we are always where we are supposed to be...always!

As for my my art journey I am staying on track a little bit (😆) I did two of the challenges last week, so this week I will add another to that.  I have pushed myself to a challenge each day to keep me creating each day.  I will donate the made cards to my church, Unity Center of Miami and Ronald McDonald House.  I have not implemented art journal Tuesday yet, but next week that will begin because I will be bringing you #AffirmationTuesday.  I am so excited about this and will tell you more about this new venture next Tuesday.  Make sure you check back because this is going to feed the spiritual side of our therapy journey through art.  I believe that a true balance has to include giving focused time to your spiritual side as well as your creative side to have a balanced life.  I am on this journey and will share with all of you what works to keep me living in a state of gratitude.  I am grateful for all of my blessings and I must tell you that every time I walk into my creative space, I am overjoyed with the blessings that I have in my life.  My Husband is a gift from God that I cherish and my family and friends complete that gratitude with all the love that is constantly surrounding me.  So this blog is my opportunity to share all that love with all of you.

Now let's talk therapy!

My girlfriend, Gigi and I have been having a blast in the Tim Holtz #CreativeChemistry with #OnlineCardClasses.  We have dedicated two days a week to get together for art time and this class has been the catalyst to not only get us started with our two focused days of art therapy, but we have been using the class to keep us on track.  It has been true therapy... to have two days of fun with a friend.

I have previously shown you my other tags created with this class #onlinecardclasses #creativechemistry, but my D-ring has grown so much, that I wanted to update this post by showing you actually how many techniques that you learn!  You have access to the content for life and the cost doesn't seem like it covers all that you learn sitting in your pajamas having the time of you life.  So get a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and see what Gigi and I have been creating.

Shattered Stains Technique:  I think I went a bit overboard but I couldn't stop myself!!!  I smile every time I look at this tag 😀

Up next is the Perfect Distress Mist:  I love the glimmer and glittery soft look of this tag.

Perfect Distress:  When I saw this tag I thought, Tim sure is putting too much on this tag (nerve of me...I just put too much on my tag. LOL), but once it was done, I was truly in love with this tag.

Perfect Splatter:  Wowza was all I could say.  This technique is gorgeous! I think you agree with me.

Rock Candy Distress Stickles:  Stickles should have been all you needed to read...and this technique is the end of #CreativeChemistry101

Now... I think 102 was organized better than 101 and you will have to buy the classes to see what I mean :) #onlinecardclasses

This is the beginning of #CreativeChemistry102

Distress Paint Marbling: Let me tell you. I love this tag and the technique is fun, but this is when we learned that you really should use the correct products.  Our tags didn't marble like they should, but I always like to play in paint and the colors are pretty.

Colored Crackle:  Again...wrong tools, but if you look real hard, squint your eyes and move the tag to touch your nose, you will see the crackle!

Stamping Resist:  This is a really cool technique;  I love how the paints resist the ink.  Really cool!

Industrial:  This really looks like a piece of some machine.  My oh my what we can do with paper,  an embossing folder, and some ink!

Mixed Media Layering:  One of my favorite tags just because just how much we did to this tag, it is a lot of fun and then you produce this!  WOW!

Embossing with Stencils:  This is a technique that teaches you how to use stencils in another way.  Embossing is always a great touch to any project.

Embossing through Stencils:  This and any technique that requires putting ink on my stencils makes me hold my breath, but though this whole process I have been doing exactly what was required.  I put  embossing ink on my stencil... I did!  I love the results.

Stencil Stamping:  Ok...this is my favorite tag. What do you think?

Stencil Sketching:  This was actually a lot of fun!  Wish I had done more with the inks, but all in all I like it.

Ink Monoprint:  Ok... this is really my favorite tag.  I didn't think I was going to like it, but then the letters appeared and WOW.  Love this tag!

Paint Monoprint:  This is ink monoprint on Steroids.... it uses paint and oh what fun we had!

These next two are from one technique its called Smudge Stamping:  Did the smudging but can't see it.  I think our smudging doesn't show because we didn't use the correct materials.  I will not make this same mistake in #CreativeChemistry103!  I will have the proper materials.

Brayered Stains:   This is amazing and oh so much fun!

Here are the ATC's I made using the brayered stains technique.  I think they came out great, what do you think? 

Last but not least for the day Photo tinting:  This made a picture that my husband and I took last year look old with a touch of art by coloring my hat in red!

Well... that's it for today.  I am excited and can't wait for Tuesday, and I hope that everyone is as excited as I am.

Hope your weekend was amazing!

Many blessings,

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